Manolo’s Training Philosophy

Preserving The Horse’s Body Instead Of Wearing It Down

I adhere to the principle of preserving the horse’s body instead of wearing it down. By gently nurturing their growth in each stage of training, their physical and mental aspects work in unity.

My aim is to pass on a better understanding of the importance within the partnership and ‘the joy of the dance’ that can be experienced by horse and rider when body and mind are working together.  I want people to understand that the horse is an athlete, a partner in work  and as such, should be treated with the greatest respect.

The purpose of such training should be to allow the horse to reach its full potential with willing cooperation and without pushing them beyond their mental and physical ability.

I do not sacrifice the soundness of one aspect for the progress of another. The nature of my technique allows me to provide the horse the opportunity for healing and flourishing, guiding the horse along its own path to wellness.

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Manolo Mendez walking a horse
Manolo Mendez relaxing while his horse eats grass
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