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The Original Manolo Mendez Cavesson

US$ 180.00

Manolo created his first Cavesson over 40 years ago. Unlike a traditional Spanish Seratta, which is toothed and has little to no padding. It is light and pleasant for the horse. Our Cavessons are handmade by an artisan in Spain. Manolo uses high-quality leather resulting in a Cavesson that is light and refined and will last for many years.

  • Handmade by an artisan in Spain. Manolo’s Cavessons are NOT MASS PRODUCED.
  • Manolo Mendez Cavessons are light and refined, and sit comfortably on the horse. We provide fitting instructions upon payment with further assistance once received.
  • Unlike most Cavessons that have a fixed jowl strap, the MM Cavesson has swivel rivets on both jowl straps.  By placing the straps on each side over the widest part of your horse’s jawline at a 90 degree square angle, this will allow for correct fitted comfort to align well away from the eye.
  • Smooth nosepiece – no teeth.
  • One ring instead of three allows for correct spinal alignment.
  • No brow brand.
  • Only three buckles.
  • All straps have an extensive range of adjustability for sizing.
  • Cavessons come in 4 sizes: Pony, Arab/Cob, Grand Prix/Full, and Breton/Oversized. (See the SIZING GUIDE on this page’s HOW TO PURCHASE information.)


  • PONY (Black & Cognac)
  • BRETON (Black & Cognac)
  • ARAB/COB (Brown)

Please contact us via email for more information on when these items will be back in stock.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



Black, Brown (Cognac)

Manolo and Jillian Kreinbring show us how to correctly fit the Original Spanish Cavesson on to a horse.


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