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Lateral Work (Part 1): Beginning Lateral Work

by Manolo Mendez Specialist of in-hand and Classical Equitation with writers Ysabella Dean Caroline Larrouilh

This article originally appeared in Issue 6 of Baroque Magazine (July 2012, pg. 28)

Article Excerpt: Lateral Work (Part 1): Beginning Lateral Work

The key to success in executing the higher school dressage movements with graceful precision is preparation.

Preparation is the key to developing horses properly at every stage of their training from green to Grand-Prix and beyond. If the training has progressed correctly and the horse has been prepared carefully and patiently, there comes a time when the horse is going freely and smoothly, in correct balance and rhythm.

This is the moment when the horse is ready to be introduced to the beginnings of lateral work which will eventually lead to movements such as pirouettes, piaffe and passage.

Preparing the horse for smooth transitions is crucial in helping it maintain its balance and rhythm in the lateral work. If smooth transitions are not confirmed all the lateral work will appear and feel stiff and forced, translating into lost rhythm and poor quality of movement...Read More on

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